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Introduces Corporate “Taxi” Accounts

If you live or work in the greater Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area, you most likely know that the Taxi Companies in the area DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS. A CASH ONLY transaction requires a passenger to have large amounts of cash when traveling log distances or out of state.

This is a problem for many business people because they need to LEGITIMIZE and/or SUBMIT their transportation expenses to be reimbursed. Most business travelers are provided with a corporate Credit Card to use for their expense accounts.

What is a Corporate “Taxi” Account?

Besides accepting only CASH for trips, the other companies WILL NOT provide you with an exact price (known in the industry as a “flat rate”). By PUC regulation, all intrastate (trips between points in PA, except Philadelphia) flat rates for metered cabs, MUST BE FILED & APPROVED BY PUC.

This takes a little time.

However, interstate (from points in PA to points in other states, and vice-versa) & Philadelphia trips CAN BE NEGOTIATED. The “other guys” DO NOT WANT TO NEGOTIATE.

They want ALL THE CASH they can collect.


We specialize in long distance trips, accept credit cards and WILL set up Flat RATES pursuant to PUC regulations to SERVE YOUR NEEDS.

All you need to do is give us a list of COMMON DESTINATIONS, use us a few times, and we will file the rates for these common destinations so that you “know before you go”.

For frequent travelers this is important. Especially important when deciding WHICH airport to fly out of. If Flying out of Newark will save you (3 hours) and allows for a direct flight (no missed connections), AND SAVES YOU $500- It is advantageous and financially beneficial to fly out of there if the taxi costs $200.

When you can save time and money, it’s worth the trip out of town.

In many instances day trips to NYC or Philadelphia are significantly easier and cheaper to accomplish by Taxi, rather than renting a car and trying to find parking when making several stops. Plus the stress of driving through NYC may not be what your team members are really geared to do when trying to do business. We can set up day trips and negotiate deals that will relieve your employees of having to pick up, drop off and drive a rental through traffic and unknown streets.

The bottom line is that we are experienced and professional chauffers that prefer to drive taxicabs, rather than limousines. We are corporate friendly, budget friendly and looking forward to providing you with any and all of your personal and corporate transportation needs.

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