about us


Why? Because my only goal is to make sure YOU are taken care of properly when You are in my Taxi. I stop for street hails (regardless of race or appearance) because NOBODY should be left stranded, while I am on the road.

Am I perfect? No, but nobody else is, either.

But I am honest, hard working and dependable.

Am I always able to get you instantly? No- peak demand, foul weather, traffic and a HUGE service area will cause time delays. I have (2) part-time fill in drivers and plan on adding a cab or two over the summer. For the best service, try and give me as much time as you can.

We are applying for an additional license which will allow us to offer “time calls” (appointments) Until that time we request you call us ahead and allow us time to get to you. You can schedule appointments for “after hours” subject to availability of course.

  1.  FULL SIZE TAXI- Ride in comfort. Why cram yourself into a tiny economy car?
  2. 25 years experience- RIDE with a professional.
  3. We care about YOU. The owner’s email is ALWAYS open for YOUR PERSONAL thoughts, experiences and ideas. Rob’s Email
  4. Competitive Rates. We NEVER SURGE & are 11% less expensive (on avg.) than other cab services.
  5. ALL MAJOR US DEBIT & Credit Cards. (Must notify us at beginning of trip, to calculate a FLAT RATE for you) NO MORE ATM stops with fees and meter running.
  6. FLAT RATES- “know before you go” – In accordance with PUC regulations- we will charge flat rates on the following – Out of State & Philadelphia trips.
  7. WE GO ANYWHERE- In the past, the owner of this company has taken fares from NYC to Washington DC, Alexandria Va, Boston, MA, and Ohio.
  8. Safety- Top priority –
  9. Free Ride Home– Going out to celebrate your birthday? Use us to go out, and the OWNER will PAY for your fare home. That’s right totally free. You pay the way out, we pay your way home. “Happy Birthday”.
  10. STREET HAILS– They are dangerous, but we always pick up street hails. People should never be “stranded” in the street. It is our civic duty to help someone on the side of the road. Put yourself in their position… you would want me to stop for you too!  We will not stop if the cab is occupied.



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