Smaller Company Better Service

Honest Answers:

Instead of getting the “fairy tale” answer when you call us, you get the truth.

The fairy tale answer is a default “15-20 minutes” used by far too many taxi companies.

When you have to make an appointment, get to work or catch a bus or plane- you can’t trust a fairy tale.

My name is ROB- This is my company. As of Today, I have only (1) taxi. It is a Lincoln Town Car and I am proud to serve you with a big, comfortable AMERICAN made car.

Will we always be perfectly on time?


Will we always be more accurate with our timing than our competition?



As a one car cab company- I will tell you an accurate time, based upon what information I have.

Why will I ever be “late”.

Unforeseen delays by current or next customer. Yes, customers change their minds. They forget things, need to make stops, change destinations, etc. Sometimes there is traffic, an accident or road construction.

The difference ?

We will TEXT/Call or otherwise inform you, on the “fly” of delays as we find ourselves in them. Please remember these situations DON’T ARISE OFTEN.

What about when we are “Out of Town” on a big trip?

We will tell you, and even offer competitor’s PHONE NUMBERS (gasp!) To help facilitate your needs. Our goal is getting you there Safely and Efficiently. We don’t lie about the time to force you to wait for us. Our philosophy is simple- if we always tell the truth, you will always call us first.

We are not scared to send you to the competition, because we know that we are better.

Hey, you have only one cab– why do you say “we and our”.

UNLIKE the competition WE hire only the best drivers.



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