Living the Dream

You are part of it.

I am a professional chauffer, that chooses to drive the PUBLIC in a taxi as opposed to a limousine. Why? I took up driving a taxi in NY in 1990. I liked it. People paid me to drive them around. People liked me driving them around. 20+ years,  over a million miles and tens of thousands of customers later, I am finally approved and licensed to do so for YOU here in the Wilkes-Barre & Scranton Area.


  • The hurdles and obstacles were time consuming  and cumbersome.
  •  Contrary to public opinion/hearsay THE PUC is HONEST.
  • Anything worth doing is worth “fighting” for.
  • The obstacles are there to ensure public safety.
  • I am sincerely overjoyed to have this opportunity to serve the public.

Getting on the road- in pictures.



I went to Hell’s Kitchen, NYC to a licensed meter shop. I bought the rooflight advertising carrier and a meter. I paid the pros there to program and install both items. I liked the “T” they use on cabs there, and had them add that plus some lettering.

As they had only (1) color (black) I have ordered more decals for the name and roof sign.

NOTICE I am using a Luxury Lincoln Town Car as a TAXI. Yes it will burn more gas than the shoeboxes they use for taxicabs around here. BUT YOU will be more comfortable, and we can seat (4) adults VERY COMFORTABLY.




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